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    New to Terb !

    Just give cmj a call ,become a member and they will keep you up to date with what’s going on. As for the Jesse’s I only met the club alpha one, she is a sweetheart. Keep us up to date if you find any gems 💎 it’s always appreciated on the board. Cheers
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    Looking for a good bbbj cim/cof provider

    Go and see baby asha ,holy fuck that woman will suck you dry and loves to fuck definitely PSE experience 300.00 .
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    Harmony at Sparx

    Did you at least get a HJ
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    Harmony at Sparx

    Hi maverick , my like was for her nice ass. This guy gave a review on a review board and I appreciate the heads up from him that this is her game . The same thing happened to me when I gave a well liked Lady a -1 and it more or less shut down the list. You pointed out to the guy that I gave an...
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    Harmony at Sparx

    What did she offer for the extra 70.00. I saw Michelle and can recommend her ,she will give you the details when you text her .
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    Carla - Sparx/BodyBasics

    It’s a shame Michelle is leaving , best body slides I’ve ever had at a spa🥵
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    MA GFE list thread closed

    Hi maurice , this is a review board . If someone gives a -1 it’s because the session didn’t go well for that person and not intended to stop other people from seeing the provider. My second post was in regard to the sad face 😞 that I got from that post. And by the way it wasn’t the first -1 she...
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    The Ottawa GFE MAs (list, votes and reviews)

    Yep iam sad as well mate . I was hoping it would have been better ☹️Nothing against Lana she is a beautiful lady, so I guess it was a case of ymmv cheers
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    The Ottawa GFE MAs (list, votes and reviews)

    Thanks mike, iam on that right away😊cheers
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    The Ottawa GFE MAs (list, votes and reviews)

    Hi mike , is that Paige from cmj? Cheers
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    Khloe - 6403

    Aye come on man the suspense is killing me here 🤔
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    Google it mate , i Doubt it will be anything like it’s supposed to be. Let me know if it is😊
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    Jessika - 0632

    She is leaving on Monday.
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    Jessika - 0632

    The review by agent 69 is spot on I just got back from seeing her. Looking again at her pictures iam not sure if it’s her , not unless her lips have been injected in those pictures. She is really good looking and has that sexy Italian accent. As far as the session went agent 69 was Right the...
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    LF small breasts!

    Armani at cmj has got 2 backs .