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    New Covid Treatment

    You just can't make this shit up errrr maybe they can. LMFAO
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    Mexican TV anchor wins legions of fans for screaming at anti-vaxxers on air

    Earlier this week, the Telediario Guadalajara presenter screamed at the camera that “if you’re anti-vax, you’re a moron” and told those refusing to be inoculated to at least wear a mask properly. “Sometimes you have to shout for people to get on,” Mr Schwebel said after the clip went viral on...
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    Unvaccinated NHS Doctor Explains Challenging Sajid Javid On Compulsory Covid Jabs

    First off he's an anesthetist and secondly a jackass which shows as he's questioned.
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    False Fox story spread with 'Omicron-like rapidity'

    Fox should change their name to The Bullshit & Nonsense Network. B&N for short
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    Ron DeSantis Plans To Openly Defy Supreme Court over Vaccine Mandates

    He's another conman, triple vaxxed btw and trying to appease his dumbass base.
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    Hannity gets humiliated by his OWN guest on his OWN show

    dem the fact and just the facts, OH NO poor Sean.
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    Qanon lunatic anti vaxxer 0 COVID 1

    Awwww, could not have happened to a nicer person, thoughts and prayers
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    Right-Winger On Ventilator Blames Dems, BLM, China For COVID

    Another DUMBASS , lmao.
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    OH Supreme Court Orders Gerrymandered Republican Maps Thrown in Trash

    What a fantastic blow to the Repugs trying hard to steal the up-and-coming elections.
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    Joe Rogan Learns He's Wrong About COVID Vaccines

    Joe is put in his place.
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    Trump Hangs Up When Confronted by Actual Reporter

    This is awesome to listen to Trump wither, get frustrated, and then click.
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    Quebec judge suspends unvaccinated man's visitation with child

    I'm really liking what how Quebec is bitch slapping the unvaxxed! Another awesome ruling to protect the child from a misinformed twat.
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    Rocco Galati, Anti Vaxx laywer Hospitalized

    Strong rumor is he is on a ventilator, hmmmmm Who is going to represent the misinformation mill if he doesn't make it. Thoughts and prayers!!! Yup
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    US record breaking cases and hospitalizations

    Interesting, hmmm
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    Trump's Unhinged OAN Interview

    He is such a joke along with OAN.
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    Anti-Vax Kick Boxer DIES From COVID Complications

    Thoughts and prayers and OMG, he is fit and not a old fucker
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    Anti-Vaccine District Attorney Dead of COVID at Age 46

    What a shame, just a shame
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    Texas Governor BEGS Biden For COVID Aid Amid Spike In Cases

    Biden is too nice of a guy. I'd make Texans suffer! 👹
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    Anti-Vaxxer ADMITS To Having COVID At Packed NYC Rally

    The Dumbassery never ends LMAO