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  1. JellyJam

    it is time to recognize Taiwan...

    Reabsorption - by whatever means - is inevitable.
  2. JellyJam


    Looks fake.
  3. JellyJam

    Sasha (Oshawa 905-519-7560)

    Great review. I appreciate the time and effort.
  4. JellyJam


    https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/greater-toronto/durham_perfect_booty_and_beautiful_face_girl_next_door_oshawa-6565169?source=list Is this the gal in question?
  5. JellyJam

    ptbo - Winter 4612 - Scam

    The power of the image is difficult to over state.
  6. JellyJam

    Kourtney - Looks TGTBT maybe?

    My two cents after texting and actually setting up a time with whoever was texting on the other end. Once I arrived I text and get the now too familiar radio silence. I give my 10 minute warning and split. While hanging about the parking lot I noticed several other dudes peering at phones in...
  7. JellyJam

    Ava In Peterborough

    I exchanged a few texts and decided it was bogus. Text replies indicated that my texts were not being read or were being ignored. Bye bye and blocked.
  8. JellyJam

    Grandma Wants A Deposit!

    I thought I had read something awhile back that sounded similar. Why must the world be so cruel? 😄
  9. JellyJam

    Grandma Wants A Deposit!

    TERBITES, I’m not really into the whole grandma thing, but the woman in the pics caught my attention. Finely maintained spinner body. Reverse image search was negative, so I ventured a text. I’m not saying this isn’t legit, but wanted $100 deposit for a $200 hour pre booked. So, buh bye! (647)...
  10. JellyJam

    TOFTT - Hazel

    Bummer. Condolences and thanks for putting the information out . At least others may hopefully learn from your misfortune. Many will not, but some will. Do what you can, when you can.
  11. JellyJam

    Any one know this lady , pls advise(Amber in bowmanville) she is hot

    Amber has an incredible aura of raw sexuality about her. Not to be missed.
  12. JellyJam

    Peterborough Wed-Thur

    Absolutely nothing I could recommend from experience. Having said that, there are a number of local regular SPs I’ve not tried. And, having said that, I have no intention of trying any based on various reasons. I think there was an earlier thread - not ancient though - that fairly summarized...
  13. JellyJam

    LeyLa xxx-xxxx-1183

    Great post. I lucked out and stumbled across Leyla about two years ago. I’ve been haunted ever since. I’d get on my bad motor scooter and ride a long way to pay respects to this angel. Damn….
  14. JellyJam

    Beware Ashley in Ajax

    That shit will bring you low pretty quick. I'd almost prefer bait and switch than to be made to feel like a fucking leper. Know what I mean?!
  15. JellyJam

    TOFTT Kenna Winters 0103

    Seems you’ve been a busy lad! Thanks for getting out there and more importantly, for sharing your opinions.
  16. JellyJam

    Venessa Peterborough?

    Good work brother! Just when you think the list of possibilities can't get any shorter.....it is a bummer for sure, but certainly not a surprise.
  17. JellyJam

    Asian Girl - Stay away

    TERB saves YOU money$$$ Just one of its many benefits.
  18. JellyJam

    Asian Girl - Stay away

    Appreciate the intel. Thanks amigo.
  19. JellyJam

    Madison - Anyone tried?

    “Her” ad? Are you sure? I scrolled down to the pics. Face looks like a dude to me!
  20. JellyJam

    Leila French

    Do you have a link? I saw a girl by that name about two years ago and I would love to repeat. Cheers!