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  1. 12hammer

    Roxanne Rose Review

    She’s on her farewell tour right now and is in Alberta. I’m heading out there tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to see her. My buddy seen her the other day and said she’s dynamite
  2. 12hammer

    Are Toronto Streets Safe At Night?

    I don’t get to Toronto very often, maybe 5 times a year and always stay downtown. Never once had any problems or issues walking around at night
  3. 12hammer

    Calgary and Edmonton

    If you plan on going to Calgary check out romantic temptation if your into Asian girls, was out there last week and they had 2 of the best girls working. Rates are pretty standard but it can be a little tough to get into for first timers but if you get the green light check out Clara or rossana
  4. 12hammer

    The rapid fall of PK Subban.

    Hopefully not the same as Richards, he was a disaster for a while. Some guys can’t handle the money and fame that well
  5. 12hammer

    Here and gone , past reflections

    I once asked her “how do you like to cum?” She told me “in your face! “ Sounds like my kind of girl
  6. 12hammer

    The rapid fall of PK Subban.

    Guess that was a good move by the Preds to move him when they did. He’ll get another contract when this ones done but obviously it won’t be anything like his current one. I always thought he was a bit overrated but he’s one of the best guys in the league with everything he does off the ice
  7. 12hammer

    Is there an intimidation factor?

    I’ve never passed while looking at pics but i definitely am nervous when I meet someone the first time, but that probably goes for everybody both ways
  8. 12hammer


    I don’t get it but if you want to stand in line to be the 15th guy to have sex with what may or may not have a dude at one time then give er
  9. 12hammer

    Have you learned about the passing of any previous SW(s)?

    I knew a girl from Vancouver who worked part-time and would go to Calgary every couple months that passed away last New Year’s Day. I seen her a bunch of times, she was hands down the best sp I ever met. Always had a blast with her in and out of the room. She used to send me pics and vids all...
  10. 12hammer

    Escort Needs Money for a New Phone

    Suckers is right, I’ve heard way to many hard luck stories the last few years and almost all of it was bs. She probably just wanted the newest phone that just came out
  11. 12hammer

    What is your annual budget for the hobby?

    She’s a total smoke show but not a chance I’m going there. She’s my best friends wife
  12. 12hammer

    What is your annual budget for the hobby?

    A couple years ago when the economy was better I was spending around 75g a year, guess I was going through a mid-life crisis haha. That number didn’t really sink in till my book keeper asked me about all the cash withdrawals, she thought I had a drug or gambling problem. I’ve cut that number...
  13. 12hammer

    Should I confront my regular? Or not bother?

    In my 15 plus years of seeing escorts my experience tells me it’s a bad idea to ever get emotionally involved with them. I’ve had quite a few regulars in the past that I got to know pretty well, enjoy the hour or two that you pay for cause by the sound of it you can’t afford the lifestyle that...
  14. 12hammer

    Should I confront my regular? Or not bother?

    Depends on how well you know her cause things change when your off the clock but in my opinion I thinks it’s a bad idea
  15. 12hammer

    Do post-op sex workers have an ethical obligation to disclose their status?

    Without a doubt Yes, I know some guys don’t seem to care but I do especially if there’s any kind of kissing. I’ve shared info and made comments in the past about someone who I’ve seen in the past and comes to town now and then and I stand by my intel
  16. 12hammer


    Like I said I don’t know if the post-op thing is true or not but it was mentioned more than a few times. Not my thing but to each own
  17. 12hammer


    I commented on her before but the real reason I’d never see her again is the talk on the board in Alberta that she’s a post-op. Thought you guys should know. I don’t know if there’s any truth to it or not, just thought you should have the info
  18. 12hammer

    Roxanne Rose Experiences?

    I recently moved out here from Calgary and was on the board out there, from what I remember the majority of her reviews were good. Hope that helps
  19. 12hammer


    I see she’s in Toronto today, I’ve seen her a few times when I was in Calgary. She’s a lot of fun, gives a good massage and real good bj. She can take a real good pounding and likes it hard. The only negative with her is she’s high volume, you almost pass the next guy in the hallway on the way...