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    Sign in issue

    Every time I sign in, I enter my user name and password and press enter on screen or keyboard. There is a response that it's being processed, but it gets stuck every time. If I press enter on the sign in screen, even if it's only a few seconds since I tried the first time, I get a message that...
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    Getting creative with pics

    It's interesting what photoshop can do.
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    Possible Scam?

    Now, if the great pictures didn't make you suspect this may not be quite legitimate, the offer of free sex should really make you wonder. If not then, how about the fact that she is advertising on LL in Peterborough, Vancouver, and other cities all on the same day...
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    Why wouldn't we believe this ad?

    Somewhat self explanatory
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    Any info on Brooke? She's been advertising in Durham for quite a while.
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    Unappetizing picture

    Came across this new ad, picture #5 is somewhat scary.
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    Sasha 7895 in Whitby?

    Ad has been around for a while, anyone seen?
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    Any info available? Looks TGTBT, GIS shows leolist ads for other cities, but search on phone number didn't turn up anything.
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    TOFTT Katie 0259

    My indecision on Savannah vs Stacey led me to try someone a bit younger so I contacted Katie The woman who answered the door wasn't the woman in the pics (surprise surprise) but was...
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    Sultry Stacey or Savannah Lee?

    Looking to spend an hour with a large natural breasted women who loves kissing. Are either of these fine ladies a better choice?*GFE*-Hot-Blonde-*OSHAWA*-Busty-*NATURAL-34D*-Open-Minded-NON-RUSH-*SEPT-24-25-26*
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    Katrina in Whitby?

    Any intel? Her ad that shows up on Escort Babylon contains a pic from a Russian escort site, so somewhat suspect. Couldn't find any reviews under this name.
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    Kayla? Someone this good looking must have attracted some attention, anyone care to comment? Couldn't find reviews, no hits on tineye.
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    Ashley - Oshawa

    Looks good, anyone seen her?
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    Monica - C&E

    Anyone know anything about Monica at Class & Elegance? Looks good, couldn't find any reviews in Durham section.
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    Kathy in Peterboro? Has been advertising for a while, looks good but haven't seen any reviews. Anyone seen her?
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    Playful Asian - Peterboro?

    Pic looks enticing, she claims it's her picture, anyone seen?
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    Avoid - Carmen - 3233 See posting in Classified section for details.
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    Any info on Peterborough no name?

    She's been advertising on and off for a few months but no reviews. Any info?
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    TOFTT - Natasha in Peterborough :Cry:

    Saw the pics and thought "Wow". Checked but couldn't find any reviews so decided to toftt. The pics are definitely her, age is probably about right. Okay looking, maybe a 6. Body was...
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    Anyone seen Asia? Ads have been around for a number of weeks but no recent reviews.