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    Thip (Indy)

    So just to be clear ... only massage is offered... no worries just wondering.
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    So.... TGTBT?

    Thanks all - been out of the loop for a while so treading lightly and finding the new tricks.
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    So.... TGTBT? Can not find any hits on images in reverse search... understand this means nothing.
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    What - Could it be real!

    lol gg
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    Korean VIP Angela

    the number is also one that has been linked previously with Sara (korean) so really - crapshoot honestly and not worth my time unfortunately... :(
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    Korean VIP Angela

    so any confirmation on reality? :) Ahh the moonbay/ap days .... lol
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    34E asian

    your kidding right? 3 hits off tinyeye on all images.... sheesh...
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    Teena @ Mirage

    gad - good luck trying to get an appointment - lol :)
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    ok - now they are officially killing me like wtf? lol
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    Free Session? like run away now.....
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    Chinese service Queen Lucy

    The long and the short of it is - don't bother Rushed, On her phone most if not all of the time (looking at phone while massaging my legs), lame massage at...
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    Chinese service Queen Lucy

    Don't normally ask questions like this but am a little gun shy of the asian agencies lately - but been happy with AP before. Any input - did a search (google...
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    Ok this image takes the cake....

    honestly this is in my top 5 weird BP images - what with that....
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    Anyone seen GINA from BP?

    By fs is he meaning full service? not found many massage ladies in town who offer fs.... damage?
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    Anyone seen GINA from BP?

    no comment on the photos on the box on the table :) - is that one of the "diffrent options" or part of the massage.
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    Where do you browse for Ads?

    mmmm... how do I say this without sounding like an ass?
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    Where do you browse for Ads?

    twitter - most of the independants use twitter and they all tweet each other - so its like group advertising for free....