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    So.... TGTBT? Can not find any hits on images in reverse search... understand this means nothing.
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    What - Could it be real!

    lol gg
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    ok - now they are officially killing me like wtf? lol
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    Free Session? like run away now.....
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    Chinese service Queen Lucy

    The long and the short of it is - don't bother Rushed, On her phone most if not all of the time (looking at phone while massaging my legs), lame massage at...
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    Chinese service Queen Lucy

    Don't normally ask questions like this but am a little gun shy of the asian agencies lately - but been happy with AP before. Any input - did a search (google...
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    Ok this image takes the cake....

    honestly this is in my top 5 weird BP images - what with that....
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    Is this a little creepy or just me? Have never seen this lady so cannot comment - but should someone report this kind of thing? GG
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    Moonbay Downtown?

    Has anyone visited their new location downtown?
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    So Candyland... take a chance :) totally different photos on CERB + a name change - jessica to rebecca... not sure if I want to wast my time :) GG
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    Moonbay? WTF?

    Whats with the current talent at MB and the postings on BP? no link to the website... etc... Someone else in charge now - they seem no better than candyland... GG
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    Brandi @Mirage

    Short and Sweet as I am travelling Cute, bubbly, very sweet, great curves - overall a great time for my first Ottawa Mirage encounter. She wanted to have fun and was great to talk to as well between chat and the fun the hour went fast. Note: Site says "natural" - this is not the case - but I...
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    Busty Korean/Japanese Jade - MoonBay/OttawaSweet...

    Apologies for not posting this sooner Busty Korean/Japanese Jade Age: 23, Stats: 5'5, 120lbs, 34DD(natural)-24-34, trimmed Age - No Way but expected...
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    Candyland/Tog/Asian Angel Update?

    Anyone have any recent experience with this agency.... TGTBT? or maybe a good round of ladies? I swore off them a while ago based on a good old B&S bad service experience but either of these...
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    Confirm - Selina for sure?

    Can anyone confirm Is this the Selina so well reviewed before? Least of all don't trust this group :) GG
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    Bella - multi agency?

    New agency amalgamation?
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    Stolen Photos.... BP ad

    So unless Alisha is on tour, which wold be great but I doubt she would advertise this way the photos are ripped....!__home/portfolio Just an...
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    MB Victoria Swear she's been here before but cannot place name to find reviews.... Maybe not with MB - but definitely in Ottawa. Anyone? GG
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    Anyone have the pleasure of this GND? - Casedy...
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    Korean NIcloe - SL

    Comments anyone?