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    Kodi builds

    What are the best kodi builds that have the best adult Addons ? Thanks.
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    Condom Advice

    Hi guys, I hope everybody is staying safe in these crazy times. So my problem is that I have more GIRTH than LENGTH, so when I go see a SP the condom for the most part is to tight for me so I just end up with getting BBBJ which I don't mind. Which condom size should I get for my GIRTH ? thanks...
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    home made lasagna

    Where can I buy authentic home made lasagna ? the one's they sell at the grocery stores just don't cut it. any suggestions please. :) thanks.
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    Car Insurance

    I am looking for car insurance. do you have any good companies that you can recommend ? thanks :)
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    Hi Guys, Is there a easy way to update Kodi? Write now i am using Leia 8.4 version. thanks.
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    The Greg Carrasco show

    Does anybody listen to his show on 640 on sat. morning ? what happen to his show? no longer on the radio. is he taking a break or did he move to a different time slot or station ? thanks.
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    Hair Dye

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, what is the best hair dye that looks natural and last the longest ? thanks.
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    Free Sex

    this girl claims she wants sex and no money, I don't buy it. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/greater-toronto/city_toronto_no_need_money_i_need_only_satisfaction-5919814
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    The best comedy show on TV

    Donald Trump's Press Conference.
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    M&M Meats

    Does anybody shop at M&M meats? How are there products? what is the best thing you have bought there? thanks.
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    Does anybody know the name of this pornstar ?

    https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e58352fb2f81 thank you.
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    Yes Guys its that time of year. And the dreaded question what to get her. I want to get her a nice sheep skin coat, anybody know a good place to shop for the coat? thanks.
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    Hi, I need some advice on good quality RED and WHITE Wine. do you have any suggestions ? thanks. Happy Thanksgiving.
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    image search

    Hi guys what do you use when you are reaching for fake pics? thanks.
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    My RANT

    I don't understand, with all the technology we have today with camera phones that take great pictures, I don't know why it takes weeks or even months to put pictures up on a web-site. all these massage parlors put names up with no pictures. makes no sense to me.
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    Julia Quinn@Allegra

    Hi Guys, has anybody know where Julia Quinn went? She is no longer at Allegra, has she gone to another agency or gone indy? thanks.
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    condom question

    Hi guys, what brand of condoms do you prefer? I am kind of thick lots of girth. the condoms that the girls use for the most part are way to tight for me. can you guys recommend a brand that is a little bit wider? thanks for your help.
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    sorry guys got the two names mixed up but the do duos together

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    christina leolist

    Hi guys has any body seen this gorgeous lady? https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/greater-toronto/vaughan_ready_when_you_ready_i_m_typhanie_available_for_in_and_out-4522518
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    sensual bull riding almost made me pop