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  1. funfunfun010101

    Tasha on LL 4611

    Anyone see her or have any info?
  2. funfunfun010101

    LL - Tiffany - (613) 286-0272

    Hey anyone see this busty cutie? Looking for some info. (613) 286-0272
  3. funfunfun010101

    This girl gets how to verify her ad

    Wow wish every ad was like this. Video in ad, Verified LL Pics, even has a pic of her with her ad on her monitor. This girl gets it!
  4. funfunfun010101

    Any info on Nancy? (306) 993-9074

    I have seen her ad for a long time, she uses the same pics but never seen a review. Has anyone actually seen her? (306) 993-9074
  5. funfunfun010101

    Natural 36 Enhanced DD’s??? So confused

    Was reading through her ad and saw she describes herself as "I stand at 5’6. I have natural 36 Enhanced DD’s ". That is a first for me. lol So she just woke up one day and had enhanced boobs, the natural way...
  6. funfunfun010101

    Any Info on Marie? 343-341-2445

    I have seen her ad for awhile now and her red hair and boobs do it for me for sure. I believe there was a negative review on her somewhere but I wanted to see if anyone else decided to try her service?? 343-341-2445...
  7. funfunfun010101

    Any info on Explicit Ana? 438 808 5829

    She looks so sexy just want to see if anyone had the pleasure of seeing her and could provide a recommendation. 438 808 5829
  8. funfunfun010101

    Any feedback on Camilia? (587) 803-6840

    Was using the name Celina last week. I like her pics and wanted to know if anyone has seen her? Her ad Upscale Experience Hii Gentlemen , stop looking you...
  9. funfunfun010101


    Kind of ironic that you can’t talk about Sugar Babies on here but they now have a link to their site. Just a funny observation. Not sure why someone would pay for advertising on a site where people can’t talk about their service.
  10. funfunfun010101

    Stephanie - Visiting from East Coast

    Hello just wanted to let everyone know that Stephanie will be visiting Ottawa next week. She is a beautiful & super friendly girl with great GFE service. Can't go wrong booking with her, I won't get into the private details but she is very open minded and she is amazing. She is also on terb...
  11. funfunfun010101

    Leah? 647-491-0288

    Any info on Leah? Seems familiar but cant find anything. 1 647-491-0288
  12. funfunfun010101

    Blair aka Nina Waster of time and money - 613-209-4716

    Horrible experience, was at least 20-30 lbs heavier than pics, shit service doesn't want to be touched. Acne all over face. Only good thing was she had nice tits but didn't want them touch. Overall she is in it for the money and shouldn't be doing this. Paid for hh was out in about 15 mins and...
  13. funfunfun010101

    HailieXo - (613-604-1252) Real and Soooo Worth it! (LL)

    Pretty rare that I do reviews on here now but I thought I would let you guys know about a great time I had with HailieXo. She was so nice and so sexy I thought this review would help her out and have her to come back often. Which would suit me just fine!! I'll see her over and over as long as...
  14. funfunfun010101

    Anna MA at ALO ... Take 2

    Although I have never met Anna I do feel really bad that her review got siderailed and now closed. She seems really nice and deserves better than that so I thought a reboot was in order. Lets try to keep this one about clean of BS and only about Anna. Thanks in advance. OP by NewLenny...
  15. funfunfun010101

    Dual Terb Accounts

    Seems like so many members are now using more than one account on here. Let's play a game and start naming who is doubling down. Sorry but BlackPanther it is obvious that you use more than one. Not just you also.
  16. funfunfun010101

    Hot BP Ads

    Just browsing BP and seeing some new talent, well at least for me. Maybe TGTBT but I like the look of the ads! Monica
  17. funfunfun010101

    Cases of HPV-related oral cancers have risen significantly in Canada, study finds
  18. funfunfun010101

    Noelle Easton (Deanna) in Ottawa - Fake

    I'm so excited to see Noelle Easton is in town and seeing clients under the name Deanna. :doh::doh:
  19. funfunfun010101

    Help for people with Addiction Problems in Ottawa

    For anyone who is having issues and may need help with substance abuse problems here in the Ottawa area. There is help and it is never too late to change.