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    Paradise Spa Cassie

    Welcome to the forum Cassie. Hope to see you again very soon.
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    Brielle Rose

    Anyone try? Not sure why, but she makes my spidey senses tingle (not in a good way)
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    Review:Slim Ebony Nala

    tks for taking the time to review.
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    Paradise Spa Cassie

    Saw her again recenty. It just gets better every time. ... guess ill be signing up for overtime at work lol
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    Eva Petite Latina

    Has anyone tried? Looks the part.️-outcall-incall-6136046458-eva-petite-latina-in-town-come-play-with-me-️/42803822
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    Jade @ Mirage Ottawa

    might as well take some extra $$ with them vitamins ... rates have gone up 300/hr
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    Paradise Spa Cassie

    Met her a few days ago. Super cute GND look. Loves to smile. Nice massage and can hold a conversation. Mature beyond her few years. Service and fees are on par with the legends. Emily, Victoria etc. (She did say YYMV) I won't go into too many details but needles to say I left very happy...
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    So whats the deal with Mirage?

    That's happened to me on a few ocasinos. That's what they do when they have no girls on schedule or booked solid. An interesting business practise, kinda let's you know how the feel about the clients when they can't make a buck off them. Itll be up again. Call back later on .
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    Pk Allie

    Can you expand on that comment?
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    Pk Allie

    Has anyone tried? She looks good, and for the most part Pk is a good bet.
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    Victoria @ Brass Club

    saw her this afternoon as well. agree with everything written above.
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    Does anyone have met Sabrina?

    Too bad she wasted your time, all things considered at least it wasn't as expensive as it could've been.
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    Magically .. that pic is now gone.
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    has anyone met Courtney
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    Nessa on BP Bang Bang

    I saw her on her last Ottawa tour. met her at a carling & 417 spot. she's not very tall, a bit on the chubby side from what I remember. she discloses her services and charges upfront, so it's up to you to partake. she does like to chat if you're into that. service was alright, but had...
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    Ash. Anyone?

    anyone try?
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    Review: Violet on BP

    moved away a few weeks back.
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    Sabrina @ mirage

    Thanks for sharing
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    Kaydence (kay kay) on bp

    Anyone tried? Something about her makes my spidey sense tingle. At least I think that's my spidey sense.