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  1. J

    Peterborough Tips for New comers

    This Lia?
  2. J

    Lost my virginity with Tana

    Very confusing at family gatherings.
  3. J

    New Spa on Simcoe South?

    Did they die? Last I heard was "in hospital with life threatening injuries."
  4. J

    Proper etiquette on showering...

    If I spend 5 minutes thoroughly washing it first there won't be any need to see the SP.
  5. J

    Proper etiquette on showering...

    Depends on how much time passes between the appointment and seeing the spouse. That's why I like morning appointments.
  6. J

    Most bizarre porn scenarios (not acts) you've seen

    Going in or coming out?
  7. J

    Tit for tat - Is it fair? Am I the asshole?

    I can't believe nobody beat me to this.
  8. J

    Liza Kingsway

    @Holler could you edit the thread to fix the spelling of Kingsway? That way it will show up in searches.
  9. J

    Candi B&G

    Thanks for a very well written review!
  10. J

    Aimee James - Any info because she refuses to provide any

    Throw in a link to the ad maybe? I get what you're saying, but you are certainly in the minority of providers in this area. /Bob
  11. J

    Aimee James - Any info because she refuses to provide any

    What about just copy your ad content into a text macro? Many of the responses I get are clearly done like that, because there's no way someone can type that fast.
  12. J

    Jessie (Asian) 4099

    One of the usual spots on Lansdowne
  13. J


    Or officers. It's a slang term, not a strict acronym.
  14. J

    Jessie (Asian) 4099

    Which part was the $40 upcharge for?
  15. J


    LEO = Law Enforcement
  16. J

    sparkle wellness centre whitby(avoid)

    There were 4 hands there. I don't see the issue. :LOL:
  17. J

    Lost my virginity with Tana

    Her ad says she's doing duos with Vixenna now.
  18. J

    Harlee Jayde

    My complaint was that she was high as fuck and passed out with my dick in her throat.
  19. J

    Asian Monica ATF

    Yup. The older one, I think there might be someone else also using the name. It blows me away that there are 3 regular reliable Greek providers who all live in Bowmanville. Must be something in the water.
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