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    Unfortunately she retired,
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    PassionHouse - Chinese Amie

    Great, I like girls in sport pantie, hope she can wear that if I pay a visit. Few questions: how tall is her? is she natural or manmade D cup?how’s her boob, nipple and private shaped? all pink? Shaved? thanks
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    Any good asian today

    A 30-40 lady with long hair, around C cup, short, fit, with a little fat on belly. I contact her through her private line directly, therefore very sure the one I met is her. I met her late night last night,
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    Any good asian today

    I visited her yesterday and can confirm it is the same good lili from December, don’t panic. guess it is a ymmv
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    Any good asian today

    Just confirmed with booker, it is not Tammy, it is the same aged overweight lady this week, wait for them to switch
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    Any good asian today

    or if anyone had been their today could give some review of the new lady?
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    Any good asian today

    tired to go to 170 lees earlier today, but get ghosted after arrival, extremely annoying, I stand there 20 minutes like an idiot without any reply from the agent and the girl don’t reply to door buzz as well. There used to be a super nice agent who I think she runs the business but she lift...
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    Did any one meet a real porn star?

    Met a Japanese porn star at aeyow last year, it was an amazing experience, very warmhearted and relaxing, this milf is skilled, and treated me like a friend or son, idk, it was very good. . now I enjoyed her porn even better than other porns, since after that “communication” now I “know”...
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    The beautiful horny pregnant Mery Bloom

    are pictures in the LL post accurate her?
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    Any good asian today

    Has anyone tried out coco? is she the one that not so good?
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    Any good asian today

    dose anyone still have contact information of the pimps or whoever runs the system of 2181 navaho and 170 lees? they are the one that used to have the best Tammy and Linda. They seem to have changed numbers since my last visit few month ago. I tried to find them again on leolist but could not...
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