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    Restrictions at PA

    I've gone once since things have reopened, and I wore mine during the session. Pretty sure it is mandatory for now though
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    Amy (IfYouSeekAmy) just keeps on being awesome.

    At this point you're pretty well boned for booking with her. But her screening process from when I tried to book with her was a bit of background info on myself, as well as a picture of myself. If you don't send those when you first contact her, from what I have gathered there isn't any point on...
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    BBBJTCIM Duo with Cindy and Christina @ Kitty’s Place

    Thanks! I typically stick a bit closer to my own age range, so that will be something to consider haha
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    BBBJTCIM Duo with Cindy and Christina @ Kitty’s Place

    If you had to hazard a guess at their age, how old would you say they are? Review sounds super tempting
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    Christina at Kitty’s Place in Oshawa

    Bummer, ad seems to have gone down already. Maybe she was getting more calls than she wanted to deal with
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    Tons of new girls at PA...

    I've seen Jade and I had a really good time. She's quite active and moved around a lot during the session. I found her massage to be okay to start, but after the main event she gave me a really great shoulder and neck massage that was honestly one of the best I've had. I would definitely see...
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    Beccy bng any intel??

    Her pictures are all stolen I believe. The main picture is from someone called Milada Moore, she has an onlyfans out on the net. Given that her Onlyfans isnt linked on the LL ad, I doubt it is actually her. Personally, I think its TGBBT
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    Checked the images, they apparently belong to someone called Milada Moore, so I'm wary of that posting for sure. Would have been great if I had checked before messaging them though!
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    Kaydence Kox Duo?

    I'll post a review on it tomorrow when I'm not so tired, but it was a good time!
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    Kaydence Kox Duo?

    Has anyone tried the duo that she's advertising yet? I have one booked, but was kinda wondering what to expect if anyone has tried before me
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    Pickering Angels Review - First review, go easy on me.

    I've been to PA twice now, and since I've been a lurker on here for quite a while I figured it was time to contribute something! First Visit - Roxy As has been posted on here before, Roxy is curvy but she's quite attractive. She gave a pretty good hard massage, my back actually felt really...
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