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    Why do people put ignore lists in their signature?

    Won what? It's the internet, you don't win anything.
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    Matt Schlapp Was Paid $750,000 to Secure a Pardon For Someone and It Didn’t Come Through

    Sure..its Trump that can't be bought. LOL
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    Idiocracy in the United States of America?

    Not at all. Its a cautionary tale of how stupidity and blindly following the loudest and most obnoxious on media outlets makes one an idiot. I doubt it ever gets banned.
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    Taylor Tease - 6117

    I don't no man, I really don't like when people imply that other people are the reason why they had a bad time. For example, everybody has their own tastes and desires. Me for instance, I've finally remembered this lady from the clubs. And while you claim she has an incredible ass, I think her...
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    Heads-up : Isabel 438-xxx-8141 - Racist, will only see white clients

    Yes of course its her choice. That's so far from the point its not worth mentioning. The point is he wasted his time going all the way there to get denied with a restriction which was not previously disclosed. Could you imagine the uproar on this board if the race restrictions included no white...
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    Heads-up : Isabel 438-xxx-8141 - Racist, will only see white clients

    I didnt reply to you. Unless...I did without knowing I did?
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    Heads-up : Isabel 438-xxx-8141 - Racist, will only see white clients

    You’re off base on this one. The ad said no lack and no Indian, and the OP is neither. why is it his fault that he assumed that he would also be excluded? The provider is definitely at fault. If you only want to see white people, justsay so in your ad? why does the client have to try to...
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    Toronto sees record-high population loss due to COVID-19

    And driving the costs up every where else. Only to have the housing market crumble exactly like late 2000 USA. Its going to be rough.
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    Cathy 8667 Any info Gents?

    Just my opinion. Its a fake. I've seen these exact pics for at least a year. That's not enough to be definitive, but something about the pics has me doubting authenticity.
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    Staying on the DL

    I visited a travelling SP once years ago at the Ottawa Inn. The room was tiny and it was just a mess. Not at all what I was expecting. But darned it all, I had a GREAT time with the SP. I wish she was still around but I never saw her advertise again. She was a blast!
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    Riley Bby Review - 3/10

    You may be new to this game. I'm not sure, but you were the one who disrespected her first. She told you it was 260h incall and you asked for 220H. Why? Don't lowball the SP's. It's bad form. Also you sent sooooooo many texts. I don't think I've ever communicated that much with a provider...
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    How do we create a safe and legal experience for everyone?

    That's an interesting concept. Taking elements of the some of the legal European countries to apply here. The only way I think your suggestion works is if (as you mentioned) decriminalization takes hold. But I think you're focusing on the health aspects of safety exclusively. There is another...
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    Vickie 613-xxx-8719 Amazing! She's back! Wow!

    And still I haven’t heard what the issue was.
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    Gift giving?

    So 50% of the time.
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    Vickie 613-xxx-8719 Amazing! She's back! Wow!

    Please PM me the details if you’re comfortable.
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    Brass club outcalls

    Man alive! How much man juice can you make in an hour? I'm done after release #1. I have shit to do after I hit LOL.
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    Milf Jade 0469

    I recommend posting a pic or a review that isn't long since archived. That thread you referenced is from 2017???
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    Taylor Tease - 6117

    Ok. Thanks for telling everybody how you don't care about how terrible the service was. How about just go, experience and then come back and let us know. I will reserve the old adage of condemning the newb....for now.
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    Alisonxox and Kimoraxox

    Thanks Opera. I’m going to go ahead and say in all my years in Ottawa I’ve never heard a negative thing about either of them.
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    NSNC What’s going on in Ottawa/Gatineau region. A provider point of view.

    I would think it would be a great idea for a sticky or pinned topic or maybe just a regular post. Maybe somebody (with more time than me) can post a tutorial on anonymous gift cards/credit cards to send to providers as deposits. There definitely IS a market for this in Ottawa. I am one who...