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    Kristina Moore? 0511

    Has anybody visitied her? She's been posting in Ottawa for a while.
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    Anybody see Jen 6132096653

    Hey guys, Has anybody had the pleasure? I feel like a toftt, but location is a bit of a issue. Thanks
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    Christal 613-804-9474

    Ok I've been reading for a while how submissive and open Christal is so I decided to TOFTT. I realize she is part of the CB or HEW group but tried it out. Links Let me start by saying she...
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    Melissa Barbiie - 2294

    Any information on this BP girl? Pics do look altered but couldn’t find any hits. Thanks
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    Nena 6360

    Anybody have any experience? Location isn't great.
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    Mila Rose 6766

    Couldn't find reviews and since I tend to like the ladies bigger, I didn't expect to. So I TOFTT. Mistake. Downtown hotel, nice. Cute face. That's where things went south. Hopped in the shower, came out, got a little closer and she immediately reaches for the rubber. I ask about the ad and...
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    Rachel 7427

    I've been curious about her for a while and she doesn't seem like most guys type so I TOFTT. First, she's a BBw but that doesn't bother me. Does pretty much...
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    Sexy Maya

    I've reviewed her before before but just saw she's back in town. Very nice girl. Bbbj on the menu. I'm not a big kisser so not sure about dfk...doesn't do...
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    Any info on Mel - 1199

    Any of you Gents have info on this blonde?
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    Any info on Sandy - 2930

    Looking for info on her. Advertises as having a huge rack. Search reveals nothing. Thanks