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    How to avoid the "fake booking" advice needed!

    I’ll agree that GC to be a viable alternative to a currency transaction, depending on dollar value and acceptance by the provider as an alternative. As a caveat, one should still only send to established reputable providers and not to unknowns.
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    How to avoid the "fake booking" advice needed!

    Gib. There’s no point ever debating with you in this forum as you usually come across as abrasive, insulting, or skewing what somebody is saying. You seem to be implying that I’m dismissing a providers concern for safety, when I’m not. How often is a provider literally stuck in a room in fear of...
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    How to avoid the "fake booking" advice needed!

    The references that you’re seeking as an alternative to screening for personal info isn’t an available alternative for most since acceptable references are typically those that have the same screening criteria and deposit requirements, which is what’s being avoided in the first place. And...
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    How to avoid the "fake booking" advice needed!

    I would say that deposits and screening are ideal for additional safety and for ladies that are established and have a general preference for low volume and are confident they can attract enough select clientele. And yes, it’ll probably reduce the number of no shows, cancellations, and fake...
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    Khloe Karisma I’ve scheduled with her once before. Scheduling wasn’t the most smooth as it was all over the place. she doesn’t hesitate to call and actually...
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    Isabella - Plateau *** 3290 - Worst experience in 20 years

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    Pigale Dancers.

    I was there the other night and there were at least 10-12 officers in there for almost an hour. More than half literally standing at the door or bar area literally doing nothing but watch the show. Occasionally a few did a brief walk to the champagne rooms. Not really sure what bylaws they were...
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    Tatyana Staxx

    Her services are all safe, so no kissing or daty. Cbj. She’s not GFE, but promises a great time. I think if one keeps their expectations in check regarding services, a very fun time can be had with her. It’s definitely better value than seeing her at the strip club. Was going to schedule with...
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    Sandra with a great ass

    I thought about checking her out. But a buddy of mine went to check her out before I did. It’s a B&S op of the worst kind. Txt handler lies about service, as is typical of them. The girl didn’t even know what pictures they used. There were two girls and one tried to force him to take on a duo...
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    Sonia - best cock Lovin girl I've had since Covid

    If it weren’t for bbw’s review I’d have no clue who Sonia is, as there’s no number or active link. However, I can validate much of what he has mentioned. The girl being referenced is the one corresponding to the pics from this link: Despite having scheduled with her...
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    Maya, #2456

    B&S. Actual girl is quite unattractive. Doesn’t provide room number until you arrive on the floor of the hotel. Once I saw her I immediately declined and headed to the elevator back down. Complete waste of time.
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    LeyLa xxx-xxxx-1183

    I guess I made an impression during the time that I that saw her on multiple occasions. Hadn’t seen her ad since then, but it does appear she doesn’t have a need to post when in town. I too got contacted directly with the heads up upon arrival. Unfortunately, hadn’t been checking my msgs. Darn...
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    Sexiihope / Sexiif*#kingHope

    I guess I should alway put a YMMV disclaimer in all my positive reviews. But free drinks and provided discount is something no client should ever walk in expecting from a lady.
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    Sexiihope / Sexiif*#kingHope

    Just from the readings on this board, a lot of members seem to be very much into the MA scene or are still very much on the fence about seeing SPs, so learning that she had been booked mostly for MA services isn’t surprising. I didn’t actually identify what service I was looking for until 45...
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    Sexiihope / Sexiif*#kingHope Had the pleasure of seeing Hope tonight. Despite catching her ad pretty quick, my trigger finger wasn’t as quick...