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  • I saw Layla in Sept 2013 because of a mix-up, but I'd like to give her another try with an appointment.
    Is your current Layla the same girl or someone else using the same name?
    I've been going to AGS for over 5 years now. It's an amazing spa, beautiful women, and Vanya is my favourite one to see. I recommend this spa to any man who wants variety and a real pleasurable experience. Warm girls, warm owner, and warm spa. You can't go wrong. Been to every spa in the Brampton and Mississauga area, and AGS is exactly what you need. Hope that take the time to visit AGS. 5/5
    Hey - is there any chance you can update your website to always have 2 weeks of the schedule? Thanks
    I hope that you are celebrating again this year. I have been looking forward to seeing the new renovations you have done.
    Thank you for the Golden 22 promo, I visited and waited for a "Catch22" :) but there was not. Its much appreciated. Your Spa looks great and the ladies are top notch.

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