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Thread: Amanda Chadd, G- AMMMAZZIIIING

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    Amanda Chadd, G- AMMMAZZIIIING

    Amanda is an amazing professional , like we all know this thing is not only about the action part but how well do you connect , how you are treated , intelligence in conversations , authenticity in opinions etc etc , at least for me it is , Amanda is to notch in everything , she is a veteran at such a very young age and really connects with you . very flexible if you are a gentleman and truly cater to your need of the hour . if you want a comparison think of bunny colbys face on Vicktoria redd plus the Gs. Ammmazzzing .i can vouch for it , believe me i will be the first in line every time amanda is in town , such a memorable experience .

    Looks: 10/10
    Body: 10/10, full and very hygienic
    sensual convo : 10/10
    treat you like a king: 10/10
    Repeat: Yes YEs Yes
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    Let me get right on that.
    Lol !

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