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Thread: Avoid Yasmyna

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    Avoid Yasmyna

    I arrived at her in-call. The ad shows a beautiful slim Indo Canadian lady. The pictures were 100% fake. I told her this wasn't the lady in the ad. She said it was her booker that posted the ad. At that point I said goodbye and left. She looked like Shawna, who was the biggest fake and disappointment that I've ever experienced.

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    Good point ShowBizz. It seemed too good, and she was located only a 5 minute walk from my downtown home.
    Will have to follow the advice of my TERB brothers in the future.

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    Did a Google Image search earlier today and got multiple hits, including this site

    She's splashed all over the Net

    Meant to post earlier, but did other things. My bad.

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    Cute Indian girl model, whoever she is.

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