"Filmmaker Louis Theroux explores the new sexual economy, meeting three women in the UK who are legally providing sexual services. Can selling sex ever be a healthy way to make money?"

This documentary in my opinion does a poor job accurately portraying both the companion, the client and the industry overall. Most of the companions in this doc are portrayed as "broken" in some way or another. This is done by showing difficult upbringings. Or, how their circumstances have pushed them into this line of work, rather than them willingly choosing this field. In addition, only one of the companions in the doc is actually happy to work in the industry.

One area that this doc does a good job in is demonstrating some of the benefits to working in this industry such as flexible work schedule, and earning potential of a successful companion.

There are many other problems with this docs, however if you feel compelled to check it out as we all self-quarantine (lol), the link is below.