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    CBC - The Passionate Eye - Selling Sex


    "Filmmaker Louis Theroux explores the new sexual economy, meeting three women in the UK who are legally providing sexual services. Can selling sex ever be a healthy way to make money?"

    The documentary in my opinion does a poor job accurately portraying both the companion, the client and the industry overall. Most of the companions in this doc are portrayed as "broken" in some way or another. This is done by showing difficult upbringings. Or how their circumstances have pushed them into this line of work, rather than them willingly choosing this field. In addition, only one of the companions in the doc is actually happy to work in the industry. One area that this doc does a good job in is demonstrating some of the benefits to working in this industry such as flexible work schedule, and earning potential of a successful companion.

    There are many other problems with this docs, however if you feel compelled to check it out, the link is below.

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    How about empowerment. Women being free to do what they want with their body in their own home or business and nobody having a right to take this away. It’s not a coincidence how they miss the fundamental issues here and why they portray them as broken. They assume shit about them just like they take away their fundamental rights and shame them for it.

    I met so many women from this industry who do this as a side job, are happy doing it, don’t need this money to survive anymore and have evolved and developed some sort of working hobby where they have their list of favourite clients they still like to see for a fee. It works for both parties and no strings.

    Problem is the world is afraid of empowered women and giving giving them the freedom over their fundamental rights.

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    I used to see couple of women. Chinese. who told me that it was the easiest job in the world. Set your own hours. Take holidays in Hawaii every 3 months with your friends. No boss. Sounded idyllic. Didn't sound victimized.I always got a big O out of one of them every time. Easy money. This is of course a personal opinion which is no way intended to reflect the negative side of the business, which is of course unsavory and frankly horrendous. Just reflecting on my own fond memories of two ladies who did me the favor of allowing intimacy on their terms on a repeat basis in circumstances that were it seemed cordial, lighthearted and based on what seemed to be friendship, with benefits albeit paid. What I am trying to say is . We both enjoyed it.

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    They also told you that you have a large dick and that you are the best lover they ever experienced.
    The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent anybody else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by danmand View Post
    They also told you that you have a large dick and that you are the best lover they ever experienced.
    Well, yes. but that's what I'm paying for. Very reasonable price, though.

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    I watched it for a bit and stopped. None of the SPs were that attractive and kinda messed up.

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    Working Girls, a film by Lizzie Borden, although fictional is the only depiction of the hobby I’ve seen that seems to get it right.

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    A response to the show from a Toronto sex worker who finds the work empowering.

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    Quote Originally Posted by corrie fan View Post
    A response to the show from a Toronto sex worker who finds the work empowering.
    I love this person and their message.

    This is the main reason why I love this hobby. You come across such powerful and inspirational women who have full control of their bodies, thoughts, emotions and their business.

    I hope more step up and tell it how it is. Wondering what happened to MPA2 as well. Haven’t heard from her in a while on terb and remember she used to be very active on similar topics and her representing the positive sides of this business and hobby.

    These guys such as CBC need to take some responsibility and be held accountable for not presenting all sides of their story and thus in fact contributing to sex worker stigma and oppression. It’s kind of similar to what they do in Islamic countries when a woman does not want to wear a burka however this is just higher level oppression and social control.

    Some of the most beautiful people I met have been from this industry. People fear empowered women who are in control over everything fundamental to their human rights.

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    Louis Theroux is a sensationalist film maker that cares not about the facts or the people in his mockumentary films. In the last century I was on an exchange program and lived in Aldershot, UK. for four years. There were a lot of Louis Theroux mockumentary and nudie Benny Hill TV programs on the telly. In one of Theroux's films he was following around a English Lord. This was a young guy in his early 30s that received the hereditary tittle from his father that was passed down for hundreds of years in the family. The young Lord was showing off what it was like to be an aristocrat. What Theroux did to this guy was to show how the young Lord was broke and in debt because the family lands had been sold off piece by piece over the generations and there was nothing left. The Lord was trying to marry a fat ugly girl from a rich family so that he could continue his lavish lifestyle. The film even showed moments where the Lord confidentially told Theroux how the fat pig of a women ( that he wanted to marry ) made him want to vomit. The people that Theroux attracts for his mockumentarys
    have to be attention seekers.

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