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Thread: Info - New Anastasia 3058

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    Info - New Anastasia 3058

    Any info on this girl? LTGTBT
    Can't find any of her pictures in a picture search.

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    Many “not so useful” threads are being created on escort boards/forums for TGTBT ads of unproven unverified unestablished independent escorts that likely +80% of them are fake stolen pictures. Here are the options a guy has regarding these types of ads:

    #1. Ignore these types of ads: Probably the most common approach guys do is to ignore these types of ads; as far as the "experienced" guys are concerned. An experienced guy can spend less than 20 seconds to make a fairly accurate assessment that the pictures used in the ad are fake/stolen and TGTBT. Tips for making these assessments are provided in this document. Unfortunately, ignoring these ads could result in a GEM being missed even if the percentage is likely low (like 2%).

    #2. Book the escort blindly: Likely many inexperienced and non-board/forum-member guys book these types of ads without conducting any research, nor exercising any diligence. These guys are likely the predominant reason why these types of ads persist because without generating revenue, fakers would stop investing money in ads or start posting real proven pictures. Most guys that book these types of ads likely end up having a regrettable experience and not get their hard earned money’s worth.

    #3. Post on boards/forums to ask other members: Some board/forum members opt not to do any of the other 4 options listed here; alternatively, they create “not so useful” threads on boards/forums in the hope that someone will know if the pictures in the ad are real or fake/stolen; or have other members conduct the research for them. This is a lazy approach and gives off the impression that many board/forum members wish to be fed information to fulfill their lazy and leeching appetite, instead of being productive and self-sufficient.

    #4. Conduct your own research: Very few guys probably take the time to conduct the research required to determine if the pictures in these types of ads are real or fake/stolen. Research requires at minimum to Google the FULL phone number and to Google Reverse-Image-Search (RIS) all the pictures in these types of ads. Unfortunately, research often yields inconclusive results and ends up being a waste of time. Guidance on conducting research is provided in this document.

    #5. Ask the escort directly: It's hard to understand why EVERY guy that wishes to know if the pictures are real or fake/stolen don't simply ask the escorts directly!? Logically, who better than her to know if her own pictures are real or not? Of course, guys cannot expect FAKERS to be honest in their answers since they are, by nature, dishonest individuals. So why not simply ask for any form of reassurance if the ad doesn't already contain one or anything else that indicates that she's established and/or legit? This is what this document and guidance is based on.

    This is an extract from "The Escort TOFTT Guidance" which is Googleale
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