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    Annabelle ALO

    I visited Annabelle at ALO a few days ago. Annabelle is a small, young, very cute woman. She posts her age as 20, and that may be correct, but she looks at least a little younger, at least to me. She has a beautifully shaped body and for those that like small, her titties are small but natural and sensitive. Her cute little rear is ... well... very cute and nice to hold. Annabelle is a sweetheart, a little bit chatty (which I like - I am not saying this in a negative way) and open to a degree about her life. Annabelle gave me an awesome massage and I mean really really good, especially at the shoulders. Of course eventually we got into some teasing and other things which were quite enjoyable. I would not go so far as to say the erotic level was on par with some others at ALO (or should i say formerly at ALO) but I had a good time and was happy with my session. Annabelle gets the +1 from me with one exception: with Annabelle, kissing is really just a few pecks on the lips. Not sensual at all. That was the only downer.

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    Thank you HotChilly.

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    Thanks for the review.

    Previous link to Annabelle: Annabelle ALO

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