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Thread: Submissive Princess in Burlington

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    Submissive Princess in Burlington

    Saw some good reviews for her from a several years ago, so I decided to see her.

    -Extremely sketchy motel (I grew up in some of the roughest areas in Toronto and this motel managed to scare me.) I saw someone leave right before I arrived (I thought they were coming from the room next door but when I checked on my way out, the room was empty. Guy looked like her pimp/dealer)
    -Room was filthy. Probably the filthiest place I have ever been in my life.
    -Naloxone kit on the bed in plain sight.
    -Horrible smell permeated the room. I only stayed for less than 10 mins and I had to take a shower and put my clothes in the washing machine as soon as I got home (smelled like stale cigarettes). I drove from Burlington to Toronto with my windows down and my fan running at max to try and clear the smell from my clothes/body.
    -She smelled horrible. I could not stay hard due to the circumstances.

    Would not repeat due to obvious reasons.
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    Full phone number needed or this review will be useless as soon as she changes her name.

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    Was it 289 925 4199?

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    I walked in the door, said sorry turned around and left.

    Words can not describe what I saw. I swore I would end this hobby right there on the spot. I felt dirty just by entering that room.

    Trust me guys, do not do it. The guys saying that she is ok for this or that must have been in a maximum security prison for the last 40 years. Trust not do it.

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