West Drive Spa ~~~ WEDNESDAY ~ Dec 11 ~~~ open - 10am --- 1am -(morning)---

~S P E C I A L Price =~ FULL VIP =$120-(30min, included room)

~~~ C O N I E ~~~ next door sweet Latina ( age 30, tall-5'1", 120 lbs ) ~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ L O V E L Y face, B R O W N hair, D A R K eyes !!!!!!!!!!!!!~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ S E X Y & H O U R ~ G L A S figure with :::

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ G I A N T & R E A L & P E R F E C T L Y ~ 34 DDDD !!!!!!~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ S E X Y & A P P L E bottom, F A N T A S T I C legs !!!!!!!!~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ S E X Y & V E R Y ~ N I C E ~ very small ~ size 35 foot !~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ W E T lips, T A L E N T E D tongue & fingers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~

SHE'S S W E E T , P O L I T E , SUPER HOT , C H A R M I N G , S E D U C T I V E ,

F L I R T Y , O P E N - M I N D E D , S U P E R FRIENDLY ~~~ just for YOU !!!!!!~

~ C O N I E = expert ::: H A R D & G R E A T RMT type massage !!!!!!!!!!

F U L L VIP, Full body 2 body sliding.....finished.....FULL Russ, Ital, Frenxx,

g o l d e n , FULL S/9, FULL *S* .......more......more........ just for YOU !!!

SHE'S working today with her S E X Y and I N E X P E N S I V E Friends :::

10am---5pm--- S U M M E R ~ age 27, SUPER Friendly Portuguese with KILLER body~

10am---6pm--- K A Y L A - age 27, BBW Canadian MODEL with HUGE & REAL 38 DDD~

12pm---1am~~~~~~~~~~~~ C O N I E ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

12pm---1am--- P A U L A - Ebony mature MILF = F E T I S H E S Q u e e n !!! / t o y s,
---strap, PROSTATE, Dos Talk Dirty, Role play, HARD RMT type- ask her about SPECIAL~

6pm--- 1am--- J A C K I E - age 35, EE next door petite with KILLER bottom ~

6pm--- 1am--- S O N I A - age 27, cute, petite chica Cubana with KILLER body ~


please call ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 905 457 8256 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

or visit at us ~~~ 351 PARKHURST Sq Unit 24 ___Last___Corner___Unit 24 !!!

conveniently located ~~~~~ A I R P O R T Rd / S T E E L E S Av E / Hwy 407

~o n l y~ 5~ min~ from ~ PEARSON Airport, Mississauga, Vaughan, Etobicoke...etc..

for more info please check our website ~~~ www.westdrivespa.net

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ and ~~~ LeoList.ca / Brampton/

Lic. Body Rub Parlor ~ since ~ 1995 ~