Vanessa Rios, BEWARE

So I saw this ad online and upon reading it, I was impressed with the photos. Hot looking! I sent a message first complimenting her on her photos, and then asking about her services and rates. She responded..."Are you inquiring about newmarket today?"
Of course I was, that was what her ad said. When she responded with $180 for 30 minutes, rather than telling her what I was thinking ( Thats outrageous, far more than you competition, etc etc), I said, "Im not necessarily looking for FS and that rate is a bit more than my budget. You are beautiful though, have a great afternoon. I was intentional in not wanting to offend her.

THEN I get 5 messages back with total sarcasm...."You would have been smarter to.....thinking must be so hard to do, you just can't afford my rates, next time do your homework and read my website!!"
She didn't know that I had already been to her website and there are several services listed from massage to GFE. In fact the rate she quoted was different from the rate on her website.

Perhaps I'm wrong, but it comes across as someone very proud and arrogant when I consider a rate more than double what others charge and the snarky attitude.
Maybe I missed out on something good, but I highly doubt it!