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    Saw Vanessa tonight, contacting her was easy, when I asked her what the session included she said full service, I also asked her if we could do DFK and she said yes. I went with the hh session and it was 140. When I got to the room I was greeted by a girl that looked similar to the photos but an uglier face, about 30lbs heavier and 5 years older than the girl in her pictures, also the room was an absolute mess, although she had a really nice rack so I went for it.

    She said she was from Montreal and that was about as much as she said because she was on her phone for a good 2 mins before we started, she started with a cbj, which was nice but when I asked if we could kiss she just kept sucking, she kept going until I could feel like I was gonna cum so I asked if she could get on top, but she just kept giving me head, so I just kinda went with it, but when I started to cum she just stopped and got off the bed and went back to her phone, which kinda ruined it. Also she never took off her bra because she said she just had an operation which was totally bs.
    Overall experience 4/10
    Definitely not repeating
    Here’s her number and Leo’s listing.

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    Thanks for the heads up have been checking out her ad. Guess ill move on.

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    Too bad about your session. I've stopped seeing sp's from Montreal or Quebec for now for over a year for many reasons. Mostly pic are fake, they about service they offer. Just ask one if she has any reviews anywhere. I've walked out on at twice when I ask where there from or if I pick up an accent. They used to be good reliable girls but not here anymore.
    Honey, you give new meaning to the defintion of 'edible'.

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