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    Question Kitty K

    I tend to like more mature ladies and Kitty K advertises on LL but I have been unable to find a review of her. She looks enticing and pictures seem real but before I TOFTT I was wondering if anyone has any experience with her they would like to share. You can PM me if you prefer. Thanks.

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    I’m curious as well.

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    Me too. Looks just right for me.

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    I don't know what your exact definition of Mature is, but if looking for early 30s, you should pay a visit to Kat. I had a great time with her, as did a few other people.

    Adds not up on LL today but should be on sometime.

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    Thanks Hihoothelio. Yes I saw those reviews on Kat and she is definitely on my TDL as she is within my desired older age range and she is well reviewed.
    It seems no one has anything to say about Kitty which is suspicious so I will likely pass on her.

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