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Thread: Swingers Club, recommendation?

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    Arrow Swingers Club, recommendation?

    I plan on taking my lady friend out dirty dancing and a little swinging next Saturday night December 7th.
    Which club is the best Ozone, Club 4M or The X Cub.
    We have been to the Oasis and had a blast, so we want to try another.

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    For dancing M4, ozone or x club as they are more of the club type. While oasis is more of a mellow out hangout type place.

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    Is one better than the other? Is one more hip than the other. Is the action in the play rooms better in one or the other?

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    Does anyone have any experience with the M4 afternoon parties?
    Are they well attended?

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    So I am answering my own questions for you all. I went to The O Zone Club, it was unicorn night, which is couples and single ladies only. Got there about 10pm place was nice and had a pretty good looking crowd. Most were in their 30's and 40's. Crowd grew until about 11:30 or so. The dance floor was bumpin. Good looking couples and single ladies a plenty. Easy to meet. Went in back around 12. Lots of people having sex. There was a small orgy going on. My Lady friend and I picked out a spot and we played for awhile and then got up and asked if we could join in on the orgy. They were all for it. It was a [email protected] night of debauchery.
    Definitely going back.

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