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Thread: Are twins more likely to engage in incest?

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    Are twins more likely to engage in incest?

    Until recently I had forgotten about the Milton Twins - the cute blonde trailer trash teens that burst onto the porn scene over a decade ago, doing duos and probably banking millions of dollars.

    At 19:56 in this video when one of the twins says, "I want to suck that cock right out of my sister's ass" and then proceeds to do ATM, it got me thinking about how crazy the whole situation was after all these years. At the time of release, it seemed so normal.

    Since twins are genetically identical, it stands to reason that they will be attracted to the same people, and it really shouldn't be a turn off doing threesomes because kissing your twin is essentially kissing yourself. So, why isn't there more twin porn? Is it because twins are a relatively rare occurrence in the population? I thought the Milton Twins were going to spearhead a landslide of real twin porn, but it didn't happen, much to my chagrin.

    I think they retired around 2005. A post from 2009 on another website indicates they've had kids and are happily married:

    "Wow, overcoming challenges would be defiantly a great subject for me to write. I will start from the beginning when I had to overcome challenges in my life. My most overcoming of challenges would be back when I was 17, pregnant and homeless. I was 3 months pregnant when I found out, and my mother had me make my own decision, I didn't believe in abortion and the babies father and I had plans to get married. Well, when I let my fiancée of on year know that I was pregnant he disappeared from all existence, my mother moved in with a boyfriend and I was left homeless. the high school I went to had a program for pregnant teens, so that they may finish high school, but the program was full and they had my mother sign a contract to legally take me out of school, so there I was homeless and no schooling either, I was lucky and ran across a recording company "exclusive entertainment" who worked with other big singers such as Hilary duff and more, and My twin and I signed a record deal with them, We practiced day and night and my pregnancy was getting father along, we recorded a one-song CD and decided to take a beak till after I had given birth, in the meantime I started attending San Diego job corps where I got a degree in computers, business and cabling (computer networking). After I had given birth, I flew to Ohio so that I could get on my feet. Long story short I took the easy way out, went back to California and starting acting in the wrong field. After realizing that all it was doing but ruining my life I quit, I was dating a guy and we were engaged to be married, but we were both living out of our two vehicles that we got off family friends, we were homeless about a year even though my fiancée was working the price for living was far beyond our means. My fiancée had wonderful ideas and expectations that would get us farther than we ever thought. We took the chances and went for the ideas and it was the best decision we ever made, we finally got a home after I gave birth to my second child. We overcame our challenges of being homeless with two kids, living in poverty, with a corrupt government that would rather take care of illegal immigrant over their own people "the Americans" and we got into a home, we are now happily married, living well...still with ups and downs but we over came out challenge."

    Female mating strategy: "Alpha fucks - short term sexual needs - and Beta bucks - long term provisioning and security needs." :-(

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    The fact that it's so rare should be a hint.
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    Just off the top of my head I would think twin incest would be way less common in real life, but much more common in porn.

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    It all started when somebody told them to go fuck themselves.

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    I never got it, but technically if a brother fuck his sister he can get years in prison so what makes a difference here? Lick your sister's is ok if you are her sister, but not if you are her brother? I'm just curious. Someone can explain it to me?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert Mugabe View Post
    It all started when somebody told them to go fuck themselves.

    get the fuck out

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    And then there's these twins. Must be a little odd having sex with them. Please tell me I'm not the only one who wonders what it would be like.

    More from a bystander point of view though.

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    Stop watching porn, you retard!
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    Quote Originally Posted by GameBoy27 View Post
    And then there's these twins. Must be a little odd having sex with them. Please tell me I'm not the only one who wonders what it would be like.

    More from a bystander point of view though.

    No you are not the only one who has wondered about this. Unfortunately the video makes no mention of this part of their lives. I seem to recall seeing another video about them that mentioned that one or both of them had a boyfriend, but understandably, there was no mention of details.

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    I have known 5 sets of female twins in my life.2 lived as a "throuple " with a guy for 2 plus years, and the other 3 sets had fucked around on some level with their sisters with guys involved at one point in time or another.
    If porn's so bad, why are there so many nuns in it?....

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