Just wanted to share a little inspirational story with you all on this snowy Sunday.

My friend is a personal shopper, he invests back into his business by going above and beyond. Through proper grooming and education to provide the best service for his clients. He has a work phone so he is available to his clients. He takes taxis to make sure his clients gets same day delivery during his time off, he eats the travel costs. He comes in during his days off if clients need something urgently. He makes an hourly wage from the store and the commission he gets from sales. He also would work for items he does not get commission from for clients as he appreciates the business. He works hard, makes sacrifices and makes arrangements for his clients even on vacation. I just mention this not to ask anyone to give away their time for free. However if you look from it for the long run, all his extra work shows his clients his appreciation and in return they give him loyalty and trust. He now makes millions in retail sales each year and one of the top sales personnel in North America. Brands offer him higher incentives to come work for them and he is invited to global company retreats a few times a year. Everyone works hard in any industry and has costs others don’t realize. He could have chosen to be those sales staff that stands around all day gossiping not realizing that customers make an effort to avoid them. He choose to make the right sacrifices for a much larger return.

Everyone who wants to be successful in their field focuses on improving their business and adapting properly to its market. When clients have curious questions, don’t take offence. It’s not really that offensive to be curious, google glass door. Everything you invest in will come back to you in some form. You may not see it as it might not come as you expected. The most fruitful rewards takes time.

If individuals are intentionally trying to bring you down, no matter how much time to spend trying to prove to them otherwise it is not something they are willing to see. It’s more kind to just say they are trying their best and move on. Nothing can change if you wish for it not to. You are in control of your business, no one else. Spend the time caring for yourself and your clients will appreciate it.

Ei Jin