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    Monica Love

    Monica, - Monica's photos caught my attention so I sent her a quick text. Communication was fast and simple. Location was convenient. Upon greeting, she has a lovely figure and a pretty face. With that, we just went into it. She was what I expected, friendly with good conversation and easy going. Overall I had a sweet and pleasant experience.

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    +1 Monica's great.

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    I had a great time with her as well during her latest visit.


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    FYI, there's already a recent review thread on Monica Love here

    I booked 1hr session with Monica 4 weeks ago and I agree with most Terb users, Monica is one of the hottest SPs I've seen and would make my top 5 easy.

    The experience was also great, I was even thinking of becoming her regular BUT...
    I was rushed out 30mins in advance. Her reasoning: there's a limit to MSOG and it was 2 shots.

    I couldn't tell if it was because she needed extra time to get ready to receive another client or it was just her way of doing business. Either way it wasn't an ideal experience for me because when I see SPs, I expect both parties to at least respect the time we both agreed on.

    That's my 2 cents, but don't let my review discourage you guys from seeing her in the future. Just make sure to confirm what her longer sessions entails and when/how it would end.
    Monica if you're reading this, I have nothing against you. You're a sexy woman and a good conversationalist, it's just a shame our meeting had to end so abrupt.
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    I had ok time with her. She is attractive, slim, early 30's with enhanced well done breasts. Good but short bbbj time. Cfs was good as she is tight and vocal during daty. Little John didn't last very long.

    The bad: very business like. Not even a hug or hello when I first got in her room. Right after I cum she immediately used her phone. So no hug or goodbye after. I let myself out. She was ok with lk during our acting time.

    The worst or funny?: a used condom floated in the toilet. I tried to flush a few times but no luck. This was at the beginning of the session. I did mention to her.

    In and out in 25 min. A good f and go. Enough to satisfy my urge. I would recommend for short session only. I think she is operating on high volume.

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    I’m def not early 30s I’m 25 lol I def do not rush sessions my hour is twice and half hour is once I believe based on my looks and open service my rates are super fair. I do not feel like I rush ppl out after the second time the person usually wants to leave I do not also go for a hug at the end unless the guy initiates it because I had an exp where I did that the guy was offended and said he didn’t wanna smell like my perfume when hes heading home.. thats just my two cents... i feel i should be appreciated a little more i only charge 140 hh and 240 h and look amazing with an open service i guess you cant satisfy everyone but i am very happy for the following and regulars i do have thank you
    the thread started out with an amazing review (tyvm)

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    Thank you so much guys for the nice reviews

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    I’ve seen Monica and have repeated with her. Very much looking to scheduling with her again when’s she’s in town. The positive words about her I am in agreement with. Beautiful. Fit. Amazing body. She’s super chill and easy to converse with. Never did I feel rushed with her. I found her to be very respectful when communicating by text, and based on her personality, I don’t think she would be purposely rude in her reply unless the conversation was disrespectful towards her.

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    decent time with her. attractive lady. my session was cut short also. recommend to see her for 30 min session or less only.

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    No DFK is the dealbreaker for me .

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