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Thread: Florida woman loses nipples, nearly dies after botched plastic surgery abroad

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    Florida woman loses nipples, nearly dies after botched plastic surgery abroad

    I think she's part of a minority, thousands go to foreign countries to get medical jobs and they do ok. But losing your nipples, that's terrible.

    A Florida woman who sought a tummy tuck, breast reduction and butt lift from a surgeon in Colombia back in May said she has since lost her nipples and been hospitalized with infections stemming from the botched procedures, which nearly killed her.
    “I am extremely embarrassed and ashamed of the decisions I’ve made,” Lyndsay Colosimo, who was only dismissed by her U.S. doctors earlier this month, previously told “I feel like a monster to be honest.”
    Colosimo, who said before surgery she wouldn’t wear a bikini, said two of her friends went to the same clinic in Colombia and were happy with the results.

    “I had a tummy tuck in the U.S. in 2012 and I wasn’t happy with it and wanted it revised with a bum lift,” she told Caters News Agency, according to The Sun. “When I got to the clinic, I was advised on a breast reduction and lift too – something I have always wanted but it wasn’t my priority.”

    She said she went against her gut and went ahead with all three because “you trust the professionals.”
    But when she woke from the surgery, she immediately began vomiting and her doctor was nowhere to be found.
    The infection almost cost me my life – I developed cellulitis and I am still in constant pain at the incision point,” she told Caters, according to The Sun. “I was seeking perfection but now I look back and realize I was good enough.”

    Colosimo is not the first person to fall victim to medical tourism, as many others continue to travel abroad in search of cheaper cosmetic surgery despite many warnings from health officials and plastic surgeons.
    “Every surgery, including cosmetic surgery, has some risks involved,” according to The American Society of Plastic Surgeons. “These risks may increase during vacation-related plastic surgery.”

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    Thailand have some very good surgeons, they get a lot of practice on ladyboys, who always get injections of some sort.
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    I’ve never understood people who want plastic surgery or tattoos, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on it. First off, they’re a luxury, you don’t need them. Second, they’re permanent. If you’re putting something in your body, best do your research, find the best person for the job, and pay to have it done right, no? Like, it seems like a really stupid thing to cheap out on. Your health and safety are on the line, not to mention that if they fuck it up, you’re going to be permanently disfigured.

    I remember my ex had a good friend, she had a tattoo of the sailor scouts from Sailor Moon. Not a small piece, it was her entire back. Problem was, she didn’t have much money, so she got a friend of hers who’s a tattoo artist to do it for her cheap. Thing is, though, this guy didn’t typically do anime and wasn’t really familiar with the style, so what she got was anime bodies with very off-looking, sort of halfway anime, halfway western comic book-style faces, and it just looked horrible. That’s on her forever. Like, tattoos aren’t really my thing personally, but a lot of people are into them and that’s cool. I just feel like if you’re gonna do it, save up, find the right artist, and get it done properly (not to mention the potential health risks if the artist isn’t sterilizing his instruments properly).

    I see so many girls in porn, or in the industry who get fake tits and they just wind up looking terrible. Like, I get that a lot of girls feel like they’re almost a necessity in this business and they’ll make much more money with fake tits, but again, don’t just go to Eastern Europe or South America or wherever and get them done as cheap as possible. Do it right. You’re investing in your own body. You want to make sure you invested well.

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