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Thread: Conservative MPP compares cancer patients to children squabbling over ice cream

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    Conservative MPP compares cancer patients to children squabbling over ice cream

    Romano walks back cancer comments

    Still defends decision denying cancer patients coverage for expensive take-home cancer treatments

    Nov 23, 2018 11:57 PM By: David Helwig

    Ross Romano has apologized for comparing cancer patients to children squabbling over action figures or ice cream.

    "I used an anecdote," the Sault MPP told CTV's Lincoln Louttit on Friday.

    "It was a poor choice of words, and for that I apologize. It was a poor choice of words. I do not stand by those comments."

    But Romano maintains his government was right to vote against providing cancer patients with free access to costly take-home cancer medication.

    "What I can say is, while we all want the same thing, where we differ is how to get there. And we are in a situation right now in this province that we just can't afford to write a blank cheque," Romano told CTV.

    Materials distributed by the Ontario New Democrats accused Romano of likening cancer patients to "spoiled" children but Romano didn't go quite that far.

    He didn't use the word "spoiled."

    Instead, he drew a controversial analogy to his own children, three young boys:

    Iíve got three kids at home. When I go to the store with my kids, they say: 'Daddy, I want that and I want that.' Well, Iíve got three kids, so if I buy one kid the Captain America figurine, Iíve got to buy all three of them one. In my house, Iíve got to buy one Captain America, one Iron Man and one Incredible Hulk.

    Then theyíre going to say: 'Well, daddy, I also want an ice cream.' 'Okay, Iíll buy you an ice cream too. All right. Hey, do you want it?' 'Absolutely.' But sooner or later, somethingís got to give. I canít buy them everything.

    If Iím really going to be reasonable in how I administer - because at the end of the day, weíve only got so much money spread to go around. In Ontario, weíve only got about $187 billion to play with. If we already spend over $60 billion on health, and of that we already spend about a billion on our medications for cancer alone, so what about everything else?

    Do you know what? If you want to fund everything and if the bar is going to be set that we should fund every single medication, even the ones that we barely know anything about Ė because thatís what this motion is.

    Itís a very, very sad reality Ė it is Ė but you canít have everything. We just canít. Unfortunately, someone has to be the adult in the room, and someone has to play the parent once in a while and say: 'Sorry. You canít have everything. You just canít.' Thatís the world we live in. Thatís the situation weíre in.

    On Friday, Romano announced $88,521 in funding to Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre to advance opportunities in the local agricultural sector.

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    It is so sad that I have no words. Cancer patients are often left alone with their problem. The state and insurance companies often turn their backs on them at the most difficult moment. My friend was forced to buy cbd gummies online to endure the time until the doctor prescribes painkillers for him. This system breaks people.

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    Cancer patients are battling for their lives. If a MPP cannot understand this very basic fact, then he has no right being in that position. Very sad, that that the Illness called Cancer has become a Political Punchbag by politicians!!!

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