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Thread: ISO Info on Sophia 1870

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    ISO Info on Sophia 1870

    Wondering of anyone know anything about this Sophia

    Very common name, couldn't surface any review info that I could be sure was referring to her.

    In her ad she mentions new phone # - maybe someone who has seen her can provide an old number for search puposes.

    Also, alludes to something about previous poor reviews - " I avoid listening to reviews as anyone can freely post them on line. There's alot of competition apparently and alot of rotten information."

    Finally, does her starting line of "OPEN 24 HOURS INCALL OUTCALLS" send up any red flags?

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    I realize no one had provided any info on Sophia but did you end up seeing her?
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    No I never saw her. And won't be seeing anyone for a long while. Some firms have completely closed up shop (at the busiest time of year).
    Currently working a few tax returns at home, but processing time from start to finish is going way up.

    Probably won't even check in here for a couple of months.

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