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Thread: Massage in the market

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    Massage in the market

    How good are the massages at massage in the market ? 216 dalhousie.

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    I wouldn't recommend.

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    One of my regular spots. The girls change a lot so the quality is inconsistent. Ask Mimi (the manager) for what you're looking for. Her English isn't great but she'll do her best to accommodate. I enjoy it. Overall the girls are really nice and try hard.

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    Mimi? Does she also go by Angel? If Angel, I used to see her over a year ago for about 3 years until then and could have fun but she wasn't really into the job. There was a younger, and slightly cuter one named Candy who was pretty restrictive about touching her, etc.

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    b1qqcr95... do they do anything extra or just regular massage? I went there once and the massage isn't bad. it was $60 an hour. Rate might have changed now

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    Rates have changed to $70 / hour, usually $40 tip for a manual finish. Generally a good deal but like i said inconsistent. Extras vary a lot depending on the girl, but you'll know. You'll either get 'What are you interested in baby?' or some broken English and gestures that describe a manual finish only.

    Candy was EPIC imho, my favorite in Ottawa for what I like, bar none. She was OK with limited touching and very friendly, but I was a regular. Unfortunately she's back in China indefinitely I think ....

    Gn, not sure if Mimi used to go by Angel.... her English is broken at best, but she's been very good to me over the years.

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    I liked Candy, too, other than the limited touching. Very cute personality. And her "bob" hairdo fit her.

    I'll assume Mimi is Angel as she was there for a long time, too. I definitely had fun with her (also a regular) but I also got the impression she'd rush parts of session which was a downer. But Angel/Mimi is/was nice looking and I often find myself thinking of her when seeing other Asian women or even petite women like her. The two of them would give me a nice 4-hand massage sometimes (I helped with training for Candy!). I also liked Judy there (who is now indy in Orleans; still, I think)

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    Quote Originally Posted by LoganLocke View Post
    My incall is a 10 minute walk from the market $200/h

    @ItsLoganLocke on Twitter
    In French, I'd call that 'une plogue'. Not going any further.

    I've had great massages in the market, on days that I had nothing else in mind. On other days, sketchy. Sorry, I don't recall the names (that's not my forte) of the ladies. If you want a good massage, it's a sure bet. Extras? You're skating on thin ice.

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