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Thread: Roxanne_roseCN Roxanne Rose 587-334-6261 Blonde Goddess

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    Roxanne_roseCN Roxanne Rose 587-334-6261 Blonde Goddess

    Met Roxanne a few nights ago when she was in town. She's friends with Leah Laurence. They provide similar experience but Roxanne is cool with text messaging apps. This meant the world of a difference so naturally I chose my correct blonde goddess. I was expecting her to be French spoken but she was spoke English just right. Note she was around outside Montreal primarily in Alberta so she's exposed to the English tongue. I felt as ease after meeting her and have no regrets. She was on the bed giving me an amazing uncovered bj while I was viewing and spanking her gorgeous booty. Her booty is to die for! Round and curvy, but not too curvy! Fake breasts but do I really GIVE A FUCK!?! It's unnoticeable, vwry soft and squishy. She feels no pain. She let me do Russian where you press your D against the boobs and slide it up and down. Since her breasts were so soft it felt soo good guys Just be aware you cannot greek but she told me to pretend and imagine it when I insert my tongue in DATO. And I did just that. She let me in a few positions before I COB, COF is not possible so don't bother asking. She's cool and friendly. She's looking to come often but depending on build up of regular clientele. Worth seeing her while damage being over 300/h. She's more of a busty blonde catering some pse services. Overall she's very desirable, wouldn't hesitate to see her again.

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    Drunk you writes a pretty funny review, thanks

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    I was gona write a flowery review because I'm pretty sure Roxanne doesn't like being reviewed but I couldn't do that to you guys! I had to make mix it up!

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    Roxy is Roxanne

    Nothing wrong with being bi I was just curious is all...

    Don't worry, I'm gay myself... Gay for that pussy

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