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    Myth: Sex burns major calories
    Truth: A 30-minute romp in the hay burns anywhere from 80 to 300 calories, depending on how long you go and how—ahem—active you make it. That may sound like a decent burn but the problem is the average sex session lasts just six minutes, according to a report published in the New England Journal of Medicine. During that short span, the biggest increase in your heart rate and blood pressure only occurs for about 15 seconds during orgasm, and then things quickly return back to normal. So if you're burning four calories per minute then that amounts to 24 calories total—the amount in two peanut M&Ms. Sex may not burn a lot of calories—but having sex once a week can actually help you live longer.

    Should we be booking 6 Minute Sessions?

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    This is why we need more blow n go operators.

    Female mating strategy: "Alpha fucks - short term sexual needs - and Beta bucks - long term provisioning and security needs." :-(

    I want you to point your finger at me. I want you to call me names.

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