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Thread: Sexy MA/SP with long jet black hair?!

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    Sexy MA/SP with long jet black hair?!

    Can anyone make suggestions on a sexy MA or SP with long jet black hair in the area of or somewhat close to Ottawa Airport?

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    Hey first post

    Just a friendly tip, I'd recommend posting enquiries in the 411 section:

    This section is intended to post reviews; it's more efficient and organized looking for reviews when it's not buried with so many questions-threads.

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    Try Maya. at Angels Touch.

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    Long like mid back or bum ?

    Look at [email protected] if mid back Nice spinner...

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    My hair’s down to my hips , but it’s dark brown xx

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    Faith Monique has long hair and is very attractive. I don’t recall if it’s jet black but it is dark. She’s not near the airport if that plays a major role.

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    Looks like you need to start seeing some Chinese ladies Sir. Once you go Asian you don't go back to Caucasian.

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