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  • Just be honest (doesn't bother me if they have a partner, kids, etc... its part of who they are)

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  • hearing about kids is fine, partners is a no

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  • Please keep to your persona as a sex worker

    9 21.95%
  • does not matter to me

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Thread: How open do you want your provider to be?

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    How open do you want your provider to be?

    When you see a girl or check her socials how open do you want her to be?
    ~Kitten Kinkie~

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    Shouldn't matter, unless you tell me you have a pimp or a husband/boyfriend that isn't aware of your situation ect... I would not feel comfortable then

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kitten_Kinkie View Post
    When you see a girl or check her socials how open do you want her to be?
    I've been with a few SW who claimed they had a boyfriend (or perhaps it was a pimp cough cough). It made me laugh to be honest, but I don't mind it per say as long as everyone is comfortable with the situation.

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    I know SWs have a life, kids etc but it’s a bit of a killjoy when I hear them complain of their lives, cost of childcare, stalker ex etc.

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    Keep your personal matters away from your SW persona.
    Post fun and sexy stuff. Keep in real but don't go overboard.

    Most clients don't rant about our issues at work or our online persona. We all have our issues but we keep to a minimum.

    Some don't mind reading and feel sympathy with SW but guess what? Some if not most of us avoid this kind of situation. Drama free from start to end.

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    I used to see a regular and we got real comfortable talking about every aspect of her life and a little about mine. It didn't affect the sex, in fact she may be the only SP I've seen that the sex never got boring. But it took a long time to get to that point. I used to love when she would tell me her boyfriend was not satisfying her and she was using me for her carnal needs LOL.

    I've had SPs that I've seen for the first time tell me their life story, that was very uncomfortable. We did know each other enough to form the kind of bond that would make that sort of conversation possible. It seemed like more of an excuse to shorten the time we had for sex.

    For me if I get to know an SP well enough then maybe it's ok. Until then keep it to yourself.
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    I’ve heard stories of girls walking out on clients if they asked any personal questions like having kids, partners etc.

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    Be natural. Speak about what ever you want to with the exception of religion and politics.

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    Seeing someone for a sexual encounter, for me, is all about having an experience that is different from what you are used to, or getting something you are missing.
    This means that the SP plays a part, almost like an actress, to engage you and immerse you in the "experience" of the encounter.
    This is the important factor that is so rare now - as most SPs are wham-bam-get-you-out-the-door style.
    The truly memorable encounters I have had were all from women who made me feel (believe) that they were totallly focused on the two of us.
    The great ones also made me believe that they, too - were actually "into" the experience - rather than just going through the motions.

    I could never be an SP. I think it would be too difficult to see so many different people, and still keep my energy and enthusiasm up to a believable level.
    So, to those SP's who make each client experience a memorable one - my respect goes out to you.
    It takes a truly special, giving type of individual to be a great SP - for sure.

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    I only care if it fucks with our vibe. I've had dudes pull the jealousy card and even get in dms. If he is gonna be a problem down the road, I need a heads up.

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    I'm going to sound like an asshole here but when you see an MA or SP you're looking for a fantasy, not someone you intend to get into a real relationship with. Even knowing the provider has a family is enough to keep me from seeing her because it kills the fantasy. That may just be me though.

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