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Thread: TOFTT: soft sexy lucy 9300 - An Honest Review

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    TOFTT: soft sexy lucy 9300 - An Honest Review

    Its that time again fellas, i've been exploring more of massage parlors lately in the GTA region, but wanted to try a new flavor in durham.


    Here it is short and sweet

    Name : "Lucy"
    Appearance: mid 5ft'5, slim and slender, no belly, very attractive body, nice boobs and butt, she takes care of herself, long brunette if i recall,
    Personality: Very warm and inviting, greeted with silk night gown,
    Age: looks mid 35-40
    Location: Hotel style condo, well staged and clean, showers available
    Booking: Fast response, visitor parking
    First Vibes: incredibly nice and inviting, courteous, attractive "milf" appearance (no sign of belly flab or anything)

    Appointment: 100 hh
    Services I was only interested in: BBBJ CIM EDGING

    The Good:
    - Pictures are real, if not very very close resemblance, very close! but i think they are real
    - Her attitutde and sex appeal was surprisingly high imo, since i usually have low expectations for an unverified AD, TOFFT, and at this Pricepoint,
    - the BBBJ was really good, great ... but not top notch as others.
    - good pace, slow at first, some eye contact (it was too dark for my liking), enthusiastic, semi-deep,

    The finish:
    - I thought we confirmed CIM, but when it was go-time, I said i was ready to cIM , and she said "i dont swallow hun"
    - ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????
    CIM usually means i bust in your mouth, you can spit or swallow anywere... she didnt let me shoot in her mouth. which kinda ruined it for me

    - Lucy has the body I would of enjoyed FS with, but i was in the mood for a nice relaxing BBBJ CIM, sloppy, eye contact, deepthroat, with wandering hands etc.
    - some parts were missing for me compared to others, but the bonus is I find her more attractive.
    - maybe i shouldve clarified what CIM means?? i didnt ask or expect her to swallow as i respect some SPs dont like this.

    I wouldn't go for a BnG session because CIM is a must for me. I did have a good time and if i go again, I would definitely try full service. Her rates are quite fair but just dont expect a high end looking milf.

    YMMV. Our likings are never the same but this is my honest review.

    Cheers boyz.

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    Hi Mate. I think this is another lassie I tried off the class and elegance website. I would say 5/10 rating for me. 10/10 for Mercedes and Jackie. Just didn’t do it for me. Way too chatty and too thin lips not the greatest face but ok. I wouldn’t repeat. Just my honest opinion. I would say 45 if I was to guess. But nothing special.

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