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Thread: Elle Chanterelle - Allegra

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    Elle Chanterelle - Allegra

    Hey guys, just wondering if any of you tried Elle Chanterelle from Allegra and your experience

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    I spent some time with Elle a couple weeks ago. Her Allegra advertisement is accurate, both in photos and services, but I am not into everything she notes. The session started out with some small talk about boundaries, both hers and mine. I then took a shower and when I emerged she turned on the magic. She was dressed in a sophisdicated lingerie, which hugged her body and excenuated her assets. She moved close and took charge and after a couple minutes I took charge (she had previously noted she liked switchie). I pressed her to the wall and she let out a light coo, which was super arousing. Things heated up from there as we moved the wall to the floor to the bed and she delivered a rocking good time.

    With Allegras departure, from Ottawa, I am unsure if she will be available in Ottawa. Sorry, I did not see your request sooner. I will definately repeat if she is around.

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