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Thread: Jessie on LeoList - 1598 - Bait and Switch

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    Jessie on LeoList - 1598 - Bait and Switch

    Total Bait & Switch. Lady that answers the door is not the lady in the photos, not nearly as attractive. Missing tattoo on the shoulder, smaller breasts, different ethnic background, etc.. Second lady also in the townhouse. Ran away as fast as I could.

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    I texted with her yesterday. I was intrigued, but when I asked her for any reviews to help me, she went silent. Thanks for confirming that I made the right choice.


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    Her over the top ad (in my mind), shrieks fake from the get-go.

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    need full number for when temp link dies
    613 604 1598 jessie
    A, "Let's have some naked fun attitude!" - and a nice smile! - perfect!

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    Always ask a pic of her tatoo...........You will save gas!!!!

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