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Thread: Olivia Luxe

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    Olivia Luxe

    Im just curious if anyone knows if Olivia is still around? She is really incredible, super smart and sexy as hell. I just hope shes ok...

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    She moved to Toronto and worked there for a short time and then disappeared from Twitter. Haven't seen anything from her in several months
    For the love of God, let the baby ride the dog.

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    Maybe she quit her job as a escort?

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    I saw Hush posted an ad for her and it was literally one day, and gone.

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    If my memory is right, she also had a client base in BC.

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    i only saw her once...amazing session. I was thinking wow i finally found someone i can see on a regular thing you know she moved to Toronto. unfortunately these things happen. i wish her the best whatever she might be doing now. She was a sweetheart

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