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Thread: Are all ETF's the same?

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    Are all ETF's the same?

    They all track the same thing, so are they all not equal?

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    No they don't and no they aren't.

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    I'd suggest reading some John Bogle.

    Perhaps starting with this one:

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    Quote Originally Posted by niniveh View Post
    No they don't and no they aren't.
    What I meant was if they do track the same thing are they not equal?

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    No. Some may track similar indexes but they may differ in expenses charged, daily liquidity and fund structure. Some ETFs; or ETPs (exchange traded products), May by swaps or futures instead of the underlying index components. Some may be structured as exchange traded notes and trade at significant discounts or premiums to others with a similar investment strategy. This is why you should always be familiar with investments underlying an ETP and talk to someone who knows the industry before investing.

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