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Thread: Naomi Loren: Sensual, curvy and fit brunette visiting November 9 to 13. 🐎✨

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    Naomi Loren: Sensual, curvy and fit brunette visiting November 9 to 13. 🐎✨

    Naomi Loren

    Visiting November 9th to November 13th

    My name is Naomi, and I'm a university student originally from the West Coast. I have a naturally warm demeanour, even if I seem demure at first. My sharp wit and wry sense of humour tend to put strangers at ease, and my down-to-earth tendencies are reflected in the fact I have been described repeatedly as "very chill" to be around. When I’m not reading or sweating through my time in the gym, I’m usually taking photos or making dinner. I stay fairly under-the-radar, save for my Twitter account. And my reputation is positive—you can sleuth for reviews on the Montreal review board, on my website, and elsewhere online.

    My look is the classic, natural kind. I have an innocent face, complete with a light dusting of freckles, soft lips, lengthy chocolate brown hair, and long-lashed green eyes. At 5'7" with toned legs and soft curves, my disposition is likely to remind you of the hard-to-get barista with a wild edge (and secret proclivity for Agent Provocateur). I have no piercings (except for my ears) and I have one small tattoo.

    I'm sensual and obliging, and I want you to enjoy yourself with me. I'm a fierce believer that people should do what makes them happiest (within reason, obviously). And I delight in providing you with an escape from the demands of routine and bearing witness to your innermost fantasies, feelings and desires.

    I invite you to explore my website, and if the mood strikes, contact me to arrange our meeting.

    Contact Me

    Your first hello can be addressed to [email protected]. Please send me your screening information (a provider reference and/or active board handle) the time and date you are interested in meeting, the length of time, the kind of date you're interested in, your name, age, and a little bit about yourself. You can also text me this information at 450 233 6918. Do not call me, I'm a millennial!

    I will be staying at a hotel in the downtown core.


    one hour - 300
    90 minutes - 450
    two hours - 600
    three - 800

    Interested in having dinner? See for longer appointments.
    [email protected] (where the selfies are)
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