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Thread: Facebook Is a Conservative Propaganda Machine

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    Facebook Is a Conservative Propaganda Machine

    It's clear that Zuckerberg is a Republican. I only use facebook for photography and Leafs fan groups. If it wasn't for that I would have deleted facebook long ago but they still keep your account and info stored and it's still being sold long after you deleted your account, that's how evil facebook is.

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    I’m not a fan of Facebook or Mark Zuckerburg...but I actually disagree with Elizabeth Warren’s assertion that they should be responsible for removing disinformation from their platform. Facebook believes that’s up to its users to figure out for themselves...I agree with Facebook on that.
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    Who do you work for? The Illuminati? The Freemasons? The Mossad? I bet the whole story about the Lizard people and their tentacles was merely a distraction, or more accurately, an abstraction from the real game you're playing.

    I'm onto you. Your lies are old but you tell them well.

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    It's laughable that you consider him a Republican, he has said more than once he is a Democrat and doesn't like Trump.

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    Zuckerberg is a fraud. He's never written a line of code in his life. The technology Facebook uses was stolen from Leader Technology. Zuckerberg is just a plant for the Security Agencies.

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