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Thread: Masked Antifa Radical Who Harassed Elderly Lady is a Syrian Migrant

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frankfooter View Post
    With your expertise in the subject, maybe you can help bedwetter out and get over it.
    I appreciate your offer of support.

    That more like it?
    Frankfooter, continue doing what you are doing. You are exposing the BS from the right wing, and that is unacceptable to them.

    Now a thread has been started where 3 extreme right racists made racist and threatening remarks to the family, when they were re-opening the restaurant. These violent despicable racists are taken into custody and being questioned by the Police. Hopefully, they will go behind bars and the key tossed away!!

    On ignore: Disrespectful Individuals!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frankfooter View Post
    Bedwetter, are you really accusing me of being a racist for not posting enough on here?
    Holy shit.
    Duh, you must be really thick that everything needs to be explained to you many times...

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Oracle View Post
    You do realise that people who suffer from bed wetting were mostly sexual abused or bullied kids right?

    Like real victims in our society. As a progressive liberal I'm surprised you are going there.
    Its a Muslim insult, seems it originates from Isis, of course Frankfooter being an admirer of Isis hooked into it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Conil View Post
    Don't waste your breath he lies continuously and is a vile troll
    I know...Frankfooter is the first of the Libtards to call the old woman in the walker old nazi and that she had it coming. Yet we have other Libtards here that continue to support him and encourage him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knuckle Ball View Post
    Maybe he just has a small bladder tho?
    Bigger than your brain... Conway

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