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Thread: Gothic/emo girls?

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    Gothic/emo girls?

    Does anybody know of any goth/emo type of providers in Ottawa? I saw an ad when I was in Edmonton for a girl named Amanda schmanda and would love to know if there are any providers like this in the area.

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    Thanks Lostsnipe. Have you had a chance to meet savannah? If so could I pm you with some questions?

    Also still looking for more recommendations if anyone has any.

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    Toronto base. Or probably in a plane.
    Btw lets not fling all the tattooed SP here please It doesnt not equalate goth/emo
    If tattooed then we are a lotttt here

    Fiora Manson comes to mind that would fit that specific brand.
    Karinna Blue IMO could fit into a "softer" version of goth/emo ...or more that tattooed metal chick

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    Thank you, I saw Katrina’s ad and she is similar to what I was looking for, but as you said, “softer”.

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    I be hardcore too lol, thanks Malika

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    Are you open to MAs? There are one or two at Brass that may fit the bill.

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