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Thread: Split Guelph/Tri-City/Brantford/Woodstock into separate forums

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    Question Split Guelph/Tri-City/Brantford/Woodstock into separate forums

    Dear admins,

    Would it be possible to split Guelph/Tri-City/Brantford/Woodstock forum into Guelph/Kitchener/Waterloo/Cambridge and Brantford/Woodstock?

    1. No one in their right mind would visit Woodstock from KW area, and vice versa

    2. Tri-Cities in the name is confusing for visiting SPs, so they can't find the city name and don't post ads.


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    I would agree
    the original way way better in my opinion
    KW, Cambridge & Guelph. With Brantford & Woodstock on there own

    just my $0.02 worth

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    I wish some of the big Toronto escort agencies would send some of their girls down to Guelph or Cambridge sometimes. Presumably there would be a market for that?

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    We have cemodels, and also two courtesans are visiting every month. I guess the market is fully covered by that.

    Mods, please split the forums?

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    Admins, please!

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